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"Act small!"
Topic of 2019 —
Human capital
OCTOBER, 18-19
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Fre forum for entrepreneurs
"Act small!"
Topic of 2019 —
Human capital
OCTOBER, 18-19
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Svetlana Chupsheva
Director General of Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects
Everyone in our country should have an opportunity to show his talent and fulfill our ideas. Precisely this system for the development of human capital that we need to build together
Sergey Galitskiy
President of FC Krasnodar, Entrepreneur
Elon Musk
Entrepreneur, inventor, engineer, investor. Co-owner PayPal, Neuralink, SpaceX и Tesla
Pavel Kuryanov
Entrepreneur, producer, general manager of OJST Music Label Black Star
Business as a chance to change our world
Ilya Varlamov
Russian publicist, photographer, businessman, the owner of authorial media, cofounder of "City projects" fond, that upgrades the urban milieu and the "Attention" fond, that supports architectural and historical heritage recovery in Russia
Architecture is a craft. Architecture configures human's ideas, it configures human's emotions. The ideas which appear in our mind depends on the walls we stand in
Boris Titov
Entrepreneur's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation
Each business needs capital. But the human capital can't be taken in a bank. It can only be created wisely and with patience
Radislav Gandapas
The most awarded business coach in Russia
The only one way to make the dream come true is to transfer it to the target
Gil Petersil
Leading international business strategy, networking and successful relations' expert
Think about how you can be useful but not sell yourself or your service. Evaluating first, you find your way of long-term relationship: with partners, customers, mentors
Veniamin Kondratiev
Head of Krasnodarskiy kray administration (governor)
Krasnodarski kray is one of the leaders in the development of small and medium-sized businesses. The Forum Act Small is a unique opportunity to build a high-quality dialogue between government and business, and discuss its future prospects
Allan Pease
The famous writer, the author of bestseller "Body Language"
The best way to improve yourself is to be surrounded by best people. They will make you the best person
Michael Tracy
The leader of sales in telecommunications, marketing and leading startups
Do not deny the business laws. They demand cooperative learning of the crew to create something innovative
Maxim Spiridonov
Co-founder and CEO of the educational holding "Netology-group"
The future is not for everyone
Dmitriy Sidorin
Founder and CEO of Sidorin Lab Group, the number 1 expert in online reputation management. Personal brand reputation management
Personal brand reputation management
Mikhail Zhukov
Headhunter CEO, labor market and online recruiting expert
How to build a team that wins?
Alia Grig (Prokofieva)
Space visionary. Founder, CEO of Galaktika Space visionary. Founder, CEO Galaktika
How to build a city in space?
Ilya Kretov
EBay CEO for Russian, Israeli and emerging European markets
How to start selling in 140 countries? With eBay there is a little left to do
Ana Mavricheva
Business coach, author of the book "Publicity Code", Forbes columnist, personal coach of politicians, top managers and show business stars in several countries
Andrey Weber
Creator and general producer of International Day of Happiness Russia. Executive-coach of top officials and top teams
How is happiness related to building an effective business?
Ivan Chubchenko
Head of 2GIS Corporate University
How, what and why to teach employees in the 21st century
Helen Mechetina
Founder, CEO, Coaching Center Yug
The emotional intelligence of the manager is what creates the result
Alex Tolkachev
Co-founder of the Territory of Investment project. Entrepreneur, Investor
8 steps to super-results and a happy life
Alexander Polidi
Doctor of Science, Economics, Professor, meritorious economist of Kuban
Polarization of business and markets: there are no average solution anymore
Boris Neyman
General manager of PAL, the official partner of in Russian Federation
Julia Badun
#delozabiznessom cofounder of the communication agency Big Jack, founder of educational business project WOMEN2WOMEN, expert of Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation, the author of the book "Yes.We are in business too"
Women's business as one of the most important resources for state's economical development
Vladimir Voloshin
Vice-president of marketing of Russian fitness and sports society "Labor Reserves", partner and cofounder of Newman Sport, IRONSTAR and ROSA RUN. Mentor of the programme Srartup Academy of Skolkovo. The winner of ultratriathlon World Cup 2018 qualifying stage Swissultra
Business' like a sport
Alexander Dolgov
Head of B2G & Business Development Skyeng
How to manage and develop talents in the company with the use of internal resources, Skyeng experience in training of internal teams
Irina Chuvakina
Project Director of the Knowledge Management Department of Rostelecom Corporative center
#delozanavykamy How to support continuous process of employee training through the implementation of comprehensive programs of professional and personal development?
Maxim Manakhov
Expert in personal, financial and business effectiveness. Co-owner of two companies (Growth Points and Moma Marketing). 15 years in the field of sales, 8 years of training practice, trained more than 6,000 business leaders and owners
Time management. The seven proven technologies, how to keep up with life and work
Roman Tarasenko
Founder of marketing agency Romarketing, co-founder of
TOP 5 marketing mistakes of Russian business. How to fix and never make them again
Konstantin Holstinin
Permanent expert of the federal Business Class program from Google and Sberbank, CEO of Business Engineering Services
Design thinking. How to research your customers and become competitive in business and personal career
Alexander Pershin
General manager of HTML Academy
How we build a relationship with business in order to prepare the market specialists
Andrey Kavun
General manager and partner of IRONSTAR and ROSA RUN
High results in sports is equal to high results at work
Alexander Morozov
Head of the Territory technological ecosystem, content director of the Faculty of New Markets for the STI on the Ostrov-1022 program
The practice of building technological ecosystems
Tatiana Suslova
Director, Business-coach, the coach of Business Academy EY
10 skill of the future or how to become leader of new generation
Olga Arhangelkaya
EY Partner
The role of human capital in constructing of the regional investment climate. PropTech in Russia
Igor Chapurin
Russian designer, the founder of personal brand CHAPURIN
Konstantin Dubinin
Government Relations Director Ketchum
In what areas of knowledge will online education show the best result?
Maxim Kiselev
Skolkovo Technopark Development Director
Ivan Kukkoev
CEO of A-FABRIC, finalist of the international competition Entrepreneur of the Year 2019
Tadzio Schilling
Head of German Business Center
How to develop a business in Europe: necessary requirements, cultural features and practical recommendations #delozarecomendatsiyami
Evgeniy Panasenko
Head of Consulting, Southern Federal District
Strategic priorities of Krasnodar and ways to to achieve them in the framework of the Smart City project
Darina Sokolova
HR Consulting Group Manager
Solving business problems through employee life cycle management
Anton Ionov
Partner, Head of Private Client Relations
Family business
Darya Kist
Organizer of the SPB Startup Day - the largest startup conference in Russia
Julia Solovyeva
General Manager of Google Russia
Elena Ulyanova
President of the Equality of Opportunities Foundation, head of the People of Growth project, Moscow
Kirill Evdakov
Co-owner RUPORT, co-owner and Ex-СЕО Fasten, co-owner and CEO Checkbox
Stay human. About how a startup should not be confused in markets, terms and approaches, but become a group of people in demand by other people
Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy
Member of the board of International group Storytelling In Organizations
An entrepreneur is a story. Storytelling in creating of a human business
Nikolay Andreev
Co-owner and creative director of RUPORT
How to improve the world stop spending money on advertising
Igor Shevtsov
Yandex Small and Medium Business Customer Relationship Manager. He helps advertisers build effective strategies to attract new customers in Yandex.Direct
Yandex.Direct for business: top 3 advertisers mistakes
Natalia Malysheva
The head of SMB marketing at Yandex, is engaged in the strategic development of the segment of small and medium-sized businesses, helps advertisers build sales and communication with customers through the sales funnel, based on business tasks
Yandex.Direct for business: top 3 advertisers mistakes
Evgeniy Lomize
Director of Strategic Development of Commercial Department at Yandex
Gennadiy Padalka
Hero of the Russian Federation. Krasnodar astronaut. The person occupying the first place by the total duration of stay in space
How is life in space?
Yakov Somov
General Director of Lectorium LLC, Head of the Moscow Open Online Course Center of the Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239 of St. Petersburg.
What is important during the developing of online courses?
Maxim Miloslavskiy
Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist of cognitive-behavioral direction. Researcher
Business. Sense. Values What can be more important that the benefit? From business without value to sense crisis
Alexander Kletskiy
Psychologist, communications specialist, radio host, DJ
Andrey Egorov
First Deputy General Director, "Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort Development Company"
Bragin Stanislav
Founder of Arhiline and IQ-Group
Geoanalytics in the urban environment
Evgeny Nikolaev
Marketing Director of the service "Vezet"
How to distribute tasks between the central office and the branches – and make it in a way that employees work coherently with each other, and you achieve the result. Experienced in building structures in 120 companies' branches
Andrey Lobanov
Founder and CEO of "Algorithmics Programming School"
How to create the largest programming school for children
Alfia Temir-Bulatova
Lawyer specializing in Business Crimes
Legal protection of business: cases, tools, life hacks
Tsyganov Andrey
Development Director Roland DG Russia
Roland CNC machines for education and production
Krasovsky Artem
RangeVision Partner Manager
Reverse engineering in modern manufacturing
Sobolev Artem
Entrepreneur, head of CMIT "Fablab Station"
Experience of CMIT "Station" in cooperation with educational organizations of cities and territories
Tyrsa Andrey
Commercial Director PICASO 3D
Trends in modern digital manufacturing, additive technologies and engineering materials
Isupov Andrey
Network printing for efficient production of the organization
Kalugin Denis
Teamllider CMIT FABLAB "VECTOR", General Director Deputy of the Prototyping Center LLC Scientific and Technical Center "Sayberkad", Head of SCS StGaU for competence "Prototyping"
Prototyping centers, training and retraining of engineering professions
Kostyukova Marina
Head of Authorized Educational Programs Autodesk in Russia and Belarus
Autodesk Technologies for Education and Production
Speeches at the 2018 forum
Ideas and meanings
How to expand horizons of thinking and find opportunities for self-actualization. Mental mechanisms and features of the brain. Worldview and values. Artificial and human intelligence.
Business anthropology
The history of business formation, its mission and values. The evolution of entrepreneurship, social responsibility and human-oriented business.
Sources of success and growth potential. Regional aspects of entrepreneurship development. New directions of export and state tools to support them. Franchising.
Tools that facilitate personal fulfillment. Creative thinking and oratory. Time management and business planning.
Business management
How to take business to a whole new level. Investment and management, marketing and online business. Robotization, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies for business.
Game rules and support for priority areas. Digital transformation of public administration. The interaction of government and business.
Drivers of personal potential increment and the breeding ground for its transformation into human capital. Trends in education and science. Digital medical laboratories, art spaces and sports technologies.
Business environment
Conditions for the development of entrepreneurship. Business incubators and mentoring systems. Banks, insurance, consulting companies and recruitment agencies as business allies.
The Information Society and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Alternative energy, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. Biotechnologies and ethical limitations of their development.
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